SciGro, Inc., founded in 1996, specializes in services supporting rapid translation of research and preclinical stage technology into viable products for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical diagnostics, and life sciences industries. Typical clients include investors, founders, CEOs, CSOs, and licensing, technology development, or business development officers. SciGro principals combine expertise in a broad range of scientific disciplines with senior level biomedical industry and technology transfer experience, and bring both to bear on the challenge of designing and implementing effective development strategies. SciGro services include early stage technology and product management, including assistance with preparation and review of SBIR and STTR grant proposals; opportunity and technology assessment; management of small lines of research reagents; and licensing support. Clients use SciGro to help speed their transition from research to development, add specialized expertise, and leverage the capabilities of critical personnel while conserving resources and maintaining focused growth.

SciGro, Inc. / NorthEast Office

Betsy M. Ohlsson-Wilhelm, Ph.D., CEO

One Mifflin Place
119 Mt. Auburn St., Suite 400
Cambridge, MA 02138-5700
Office: 617-536-8455
Mobile: 617-791-4224 (please use only during off hours)

Katharine Muirhead, Ph.D., Principal
Office: 608-824-9130.

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