Apelles Partners is a proven drug discovery & development commercial outsourcing partner.  We deliver deep-specialization and knowledge-based services for the biopharmaceutical industry.

Apelles is a consortium of "like-minded" companies and consultants working individually and together to provide the right solutions that enhance and support our clients’ research and development teams.

We provide services for early discovery and development research that leads to the preparations for IND submissions.  Our diverse network of experienced senior scientists and comprehensive laboratories help our clients answer their most critical challenges by optimizing their research and development of their lead candidates.

Our flexible structure combined with our deep experience means you receive the services you need the way you want them.  Traditional CROs are often cumbersome and complex.  Apelles companies are nimble, innovative, highly responsive, and results oriented.

When you work with Apelles, you access to our top talent in each of the discovery and development disciplines.  You can also easily add any of our carefully chosen partners to your outsourcing projects.

Contact Apelles Partners in any or all of the following areas of your drug research.

Founding Members:

XTAL Biostructures
XTALStructural Biology Services, Molecule Characterization

SBH Sciences
SBHThe US premier cytokines and anti-cytokines bioassay services. In addition, providing cell culture and protein purification process development services including, production of recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, ELISA development and Multiples Analysis.  (more)

pION Biopharma Services
pIONThe world leader in absorption measurements in GIT and BBB – permeability, solubility, dissolution, ionization. (more)
  • Lead Identification (XTAL)
    Lead Optimization (XTAL / pION)
    Target Validation (XTAL)
    Biomarker Discovery Development Services (SBH)
    HTS – early/late in-vitro ADME (pION)
    In-Vitro Cell-based Assay Development (SBH / pION)
    (Pre-)Formulation (pION)
    Screening & Hits-to-Lead
    Organic & Medicinal Chemistry
    Drug Delivery
    In-Vivo Animal Models/Animal PK/PD

Apelles is the “go-to-resource” for biopharmaceutical research and development outsourcing services.

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